The Cathedral

The Cathedral

Pictured here, the Museo Fernando García Ponce-Macay, Merida's contemporary art museum, and the Catedral de Merida, which is dedicated to San Ildefonso.

Merida's cathedral is one of the oldest in the Americas: construction began in 1561 and it was officially completed on November 4, 1598. The cathedral was built using stones from earlier Mayan constructions. Although it is very simple when compared to churches of central Mexico, it is quite lovely in its simplicity. In the interior you can see the chapel of el Cristo de las ampollas ("Christ of the blisters"), chapel of San Jose, the Rosary chapel and the Tabernacle Chapel.

Contemporary Art Museum

The building beside the cathedral was once the Bishop's residence, Later it was the headquarters of the Lliterary Society and was given the name "Ateneo Peninsular". In 1994 it opened as the Atheneum Museum of Contemporary Art of Yucatan.